TIH Models at QEII Award for Bethany Williams


To tell you something from my perspective and to keep record of this amazing event in the journey of TIH Models I decided to write a few words. With the website update the stunning images need a new place to live and keep this special moment in honour and memory.

It has been the 19th February 2019 and a day to remember.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.55.58.png

While the work of Bethany is renown and nominated on UKs highest level in sustainability and social change, well I named that in a few word, I want to highlight the models accomplishments before, during and after this event. Even though TIH has been celebrated I think the models effort and live changing commitment is remarkable and something I think has not been highlighted enough.


Kristofer is one of my first models, I remember asking him multiple times to get started working with me. Shy and insecure as he was back then, and yes I have approval to share this with you, he has been one of the most developing and challenged models. Being highly insecure in groups and in front of people, he face anxiety before every job and event he had during his time with TIH. I remember him making up excuses to not show up to a booking and all sorts of other escapes. If you knew Kris, you know he is very nervous, finds it difficult to stand still and not tough the things that surround him. He is close to many of our hearts and tears were rolling down my eyes when I saw him walking out the backstage and entering his first catwalk for Bethany that day.

I saw him serious, focus, dedicated and secured that day. He had a mission to accomplish and I was watching in awe. I owe all my respect to Kris and Alex trusting me all the way through and being patient. The booking was perfect in my eyes, the models had majored and their character complimented the designer at all levels.

Alexander is my second dedicated model and favoured by many. His gentle look and appearance comes across charming and sweet. He is a handsome young man with big future opportunities. Apparently he was approached by an agent before I discovered him and I am proud to have him on the books with TIH. Hoping he will be a force for good within the agency and casting department this day beginning of the year has also been his first catwalk and proved the high quality and potential of TIH Models. I don’t know who said I was crazy to start this agency, but I defiantly remember funny looks people gave me when sharing my dreams. It is more than a dream, it is a real option to tackle parts of the issue of homelessness and part of the answer towards this issue in London. I love my job and the models love modelling. Finding clients is the mission now, but with Bethanys booking a high standard is set and I can only thank everybody believing and pushing the agency forward.

Tatjana Hoffmann