The Good Fighter


Bonnie Fechter is a brand that supported TIH from the beginning. Three years ago with sample pieces for shoots, the founders Rosie and Sarah actually were the reason the brand new idea of model management for people affected by homelessness reached Bethany Williams and so it happened that two years later Alex and Kris had their first catwalk.

It all started with an initial thought and social invested people that spread the word. Positive words and encouragement towards the young entrepreneur Tatjana Hoffmann, brought her a far way during those first days. Modelling as a simple step to include people that find themselves without a fixed address.

Not being an activist or overly involved in sustainability and fashion, it has been the human at the centre. Homelessness is a stamp that comes with many prejudices. Tatjanas mission early on was to find the ‘Good Fighters’ out there.


Every single person that you can meet on the street, in a shelter, any other organisation, couchsurfing, in a hostel or staying with friends has their very own unique story and background. By working with many people over the last years it was always a core goal to be simply be there for someone who is a good fighter.

The brand Bonnie Fechter represents that so nicely with their London manufactured garments and good philosophy towards clothes and dressing. The simplicity look felt unforced and lets the model stand for itself. Models are booked as a kind of canvas to show a designers great work, it is refreshing to see a more loose connection in that and the model in focus.


The overall conception that a model has to read fame to be seen and recognised for the person they are is out of date and not relevant in this time and age anymore. The new generation is on the search for meaning and a more sustainable and inviting approach towards business, the clothes we wear and how we run the world.

The agency continues to build up a client base and is holding more castings this year. Bonnie Fechter, which means Good Fighter keeps the agency inspired to walk the good walk. A steady commitment toward the issue of homelessness in London.

Tatjana Hoffmann