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With TIH Models I street cast and recently started encouraging my models to cast themselves. Both Kris and Alex have had great experiences during their last 2 years and due to being housed and their strong personal developments I highly believe in models casting models.

Our first Modelcast is Derryn. Kepp on reading to hear his story and first impression of working with TIH.

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Hi Derryn, so you got casted by Alex, how was that? >Pretty Straight forward, he said he has been in a meeting where it got mentioned that he could cast models and he said he thought of me.<

Yes I remember that meeting, what did you initially think? >Well, I dont have anything to do anyway. I’m not losing out on anything. I’ve never done something like that before and thought might aswell try something new<

Did it help, that it was Alex? >Yes, I known him for quite a while. I trusted him. And he must have trusted me to put me forward anyway<

Have you been skepical at all or thought it might be empty promises? >No, I thought whatever<

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You know people are often very interested in the stories of the models and how things have happend for you. Is there something you are happy to share with the public about your life and past? >Yes, well it started that my mum died. I went on a mad one. Well I would say that I didnt take it very well. I have three brothers and two sisters. I went to live with my sister. I lived with my mum at that time. I found out that my sisters boyfriend had beaten her up and went on a mad one. I had a fight with him. Me and my sister fell out for 1 1/2 years. I didnt speak to her at all<

Do you speak to her now? >Yes just recently<

>Then I went to Cornwall. Stayed there for like 5 months. I went to Penzance, Nequay, everywhere around Cornwall. Thats nearly two years ago. I’ve seen a friend in Cornwall. He said he’s going to London. I didn’t want to stay in Cornwall and I am here in London for about 18 months now<

You mentioned to me before that you have been attacked before. >Yea I’ve been attacked a few times<

How many? >Too many to count<

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Would you like the modelling to take off? >Yes of course. I’ve never done it before. It be cool to see how it processed<

Is there anything that you need for yourself that would help you attend shoots? Not really. I need things to do, to keep me busy. Being homeless youre just bored all the time and without ID its just difficult to do anything.

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I know you have some scars. What are the stories behind those and do you remember those incidents? >The first time it really was just fighting. You have to take care of yourself, you can’t just have people bullying you.

What was the first attack that gave you a scar? >It would be the one on my finger. I had it operated twice. Once to clean it out and the second time to repair the tendence. Basically I was lzing on the floor on Leicter Square in my sleeping bag and someone came uo and kicked me- drunk. Obviously I reacted, I punched him. And then his friend wacked me with a bottle. So obviously I put my hand up so it won’t hit me in my head. So the bottle cut my finger open. I walked around for a bit, sat down. Someone saw that I was bleeding and called the ambulance<

And the one on your neck? >Someone scratched me with his “womens hands” [smiling]. I was trying to protect a woman, he was in her face, a bot agressive. I don’t like that. So he came at me<

Are you scared now? >No, I’m used to it. I shouldn’t be used to it, but I’m outside for two years now.

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Do you think the shoots would make you feel uncomfortable or unsave? >It wasn’t uncomfortable the first time so it shouldn’t be uncomfortable any other time<

>I have low expectations of myself. My exception of modelling would mean you are beautiful or good loking. I am very self concious. I don’t think I’ve got the model look<

But You’d still enjoy it? >Yea< >I get a bit nervous, but that’s all<

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When would you like to have a full portfolio, lets say of 20 images? >As soon as possible<

And would you prefer to work on it with a set team, which mean same photographer and stylists or do you prefer to be sent around for testshoots and work with different creatives and meet new people? >I don’t mind. I’m open. I am happy to work with the same photographer or different people<

From your perspective, what would you think could be a problem for models starting out? >Travel can be a problem. If you haven’t got money to get to places. That’s difficult<

Would you say it be only fair if shoots were paid, even just travel? >Yes of course. Maybe pick trave money up, then go to the shoot. Or ideally one day in advance<

Is it difficult for people to set up a bank account? >Yes, if you don’t have an ID and proof of adress. Certain day centers offer you to use their adress. IDs are around £50/£60 and ID photographs like £6.

Derryn Hill TIH Models

What looks do you like? Any outfit preferences? >A smart look. A suit. Like a black suit. Yea or blue suit<

So it’s your second shoot today, are you looking forward? >Yea definately<

How many shoots would you like to do a week? >I am available every day<

If you could do a shoot everyday, would you go? >yes<

So would you be happy to take time until the 25th to build a portfolio of 20 images? Free or charge but also unpaid? >Yes. I’m excited and looking forward to it!<

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