T|H Models leave guests breathless at Nadine Shaban Exhibition


Last week the displays at Axel Arigato were cleared and replaced by four fresh TIH faces. The upscale sneaker flagship in the centre of Soho’s bustling nightlife acted as the venue for Nadine Shaban’s latest exhibition, “Let Me Breathe”. While the Royal College of Art graduate communicated the suffocation of being trapped within the expectations of life through her mixed material based pieces, the models themselves were conveying their own breathless performance through sheer authenticity.

Perched atop varying levels of tiers in the bright, industrial space, the models stunned in each unique creation, thoughtfully constructed by Shaban herself. Merhoe held the mingling guests captive in her gracious yet piercing wide eyes, as the asymmetrical collar of her gown perfectly framed her angular features. Emily seemed as if she was infused with the atmosphere of the exhibition with each deconstructed pose, effortlessly adapting to her surroundings with only one arm untrapped by her garment. Alicia contributed a much needed warmth to the modern space through her soft features and welcoming air. Alex anchored his high collared outfit with confidence and a finessed strength.

The models, who were scattered across the displays among other live performers draped in Shaban’s work, periodically rotated positions. This is when the most impactful moment of the evening took place. As Merhoe took a step to the next level of the tiers in her sweeping dress, Alicia extended a sweet hand of support while Emily followed with an adjustment to ensure her train was falling in the most flattering way. This seemingly simple act sent a very strong message. It reminded all of us guests, the DJ’s beats reverberating through our skulls with housemade cocktails in one hand and our Instagram stories in the other, that art is about the human connection. It always has been and always will be. And, with Shaban, we take a deep inhale and remind ourselves that this truth gives us the space to breathe.

Written by Courtney Mills of Chasm Ma
Photogaphs by Jessy Raso and The Lobby London