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Update Fall 2019 

Images taken by Laura Kniesel

After a great start to the year with Kris and Alex on Fashion Week for Bethany Williams, and her later nomination for the Queen Elizabeth II Award we were all very excited to hear about whether or not she will win the LVMH Prize this year as well. The winner was announced, being Thebe Magugu, a South African Designer, which again reminds me on how big the fashion indrustry is and the openness towards change entering the market. TIH is still in its pampers but the opportunities are endless and I won’t be too shy to say that I can’t wait to start first collaborations in South Africa.


Words can be big, but I heard a passenger on the bus saying the other day that the fashion industry makes more profit than airlines. I don’t know, if that is surprising or not, but either way it is an industry much bigger than I imagined. Consumerism doesn’t seem to slow down and chic has never been so popular with teenagers and young adults. Chanel and Louis Vuitton are names and brands I pass by daily. Women my age save money to get their own Gucci and your instagram comes across quite lame if you can’t keep up with the latest style, and your life might look unsuccessful next to someone who’s dressed “better”.


Well, I can only speak from my own perspective, with eyes from a small village like town in South East Germany and now this same pair of eyes is watching the streets of London on a daily basis. I don’t think I overestimate its influence and many of us can see those changes, while being affected by it to varying degrees. Well all being said, brands and names are super in, and not just sports brands. We are talking about luxury first class society fashion brands. My models and I in the midst of it, trying to make sence of our meaning and stand in this ever changing mystery of being “IN” or “OUT”.


I believe the time has come and will unfold itself more where people will be seeking for the change TIH Models naturally offers. The Models more beautiful than ever, so confident and full of authenticity. Bonnie Fechter, which means “Good Fighter” Is the title of a blogpost
I recently wrote, on how the models I cast highly represent that. Alex was the first to cast a new model himself. Derryn Hill joined a few weeks ago. Unsure if he will continue steadfast or not, the significance lies in the models initiative and aim. It is a big step to want to change your own life but an even bigger one to want to help somone else.


TIH Models is burning in my heart more than ever. I have been blessed with a rent free room which led me to move to Croydon early October. My partner Alexander and I are looking into ways to work on the agency full-time. Both being very encouraged in the cause and having heard great stories of couples building business together. The agency has moved from a testtrading into its actual start-up status and now it is high priority to find clients and sign off bookings. Casting will be running through homeless charities, that are already established. Starting out with the well known House of St. Barnabas in Soho.


I would say the future is gold. Knowing, if you don’t stop doing the good work, reward
will follow at its own given time. But I may ask you to stand with us, partner with us and brainstorm with us. TIH started out with the brand Bonnie Fechter giving us samples for testshoots for the clothless, roughsleeping models I first casted, they shared my work with Bethany Williams, who was a university friend of theirs, still a small brand but this connection allowed Kris and Alex to walk on the Catwalk in front of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall early this year. Please don’t underestimate your contribution to this cause.

In Love

Writer Tatjana Hoffmann

Editor Alexander Wright

Tatjana Hoffmann