Introducing T|H Models


At T|H models, we cast people affected by homelessness for fashion shoot and events, using this work as a way to restore hope, identity, health and friendship to those facing socio-economic barriers. We collaborate with a variety of emerging and inspiring designers to create authentic talent with campaigns and believe in this ecosystem as a beautiful re-entry point for the previously homeless.

T|H was founded in 2017 by Tatjana Hoffmann, who originally grew up in Bayreuth, Germany before moving to Dresden to assist the photographer Jan Schlegel. It was Tatjana’s background in portrait photography which led her to gravitate to those in need. “I always found vulnerability beautiful” she says.

For the next few years she was back and forth between Dresden and London, on her first extended visit she worked at a chippy in Croydon - the glamour! After finishing late and on her days off she would stroll the city’s streets, speaking to homeless men and women as she wandered.


T|H wouldn’t be possible without the large group of generous individuals and organisations. Thanks go to Bonnie Fechter who first introduced Tatjana to Bethany Williams, then a young, emerging designer that proactively seeks out partnerships with social impact. Her photographs are also visible throughout this website.

Other organisations include The Prince’s Trust whose enterprise training helped me to step into building TIH, aswell as my personal mentors, Charlotte Kirke and Aadil Qureshi.

I thank my family for believing in me and all my friends that have been constant financial and emotional supporters. Judith Preising, Merle Probst, Nadine Rupprecht, Jenny Gerstlauer, Anja Kirpal, Leonie Richter, Tori Sloninka, Merita Forbes, Tommy Rufai, Benita Thambipillai, Elsie Pomier, Jana Plotchinzke, Meteor Liu, Michaela Cox, Molly Ellington, Yvonne Bender, Johannis Birkenstock, Tobias Borinsky, Tobias Nützel, Maisha, Nadja Wagner.