We had our first T|H Open Model Casting.

How to make a now budget Modelagency? That is what I am trying to figure out.

T|H Models is a start-Up Modelagency for people in all sorts of transition phases. I work and mainly photograph people, that are in some sort of unique living condition. London is a very fast paste city and people get affected by it. Financially, or physically, in the end we all have to work hard to make things happening and especially a good living condition.

So here we are. Having our first casting. A few people from the streets showed up. Its has not been easy for people to take the courage to come along, as ‘model’ became such a glorious word, that a person affected by homelessness would just simply not feel ment to come, even if you personally invite them.

I am in a learning process and you can be part of it.

Be excited !