Welcome to T|H Models. A new and upcoming modelagency in London!

We cast people affected by homelessness and believe in a beautiful future for them. TIH Models focuses on restoring hope, identity, health and friendship.

We will be collaborating with a variety of blooming and inspiring designers. Everybody that has been involved so far, deeply helped the agency to grow and shine.

Big Thanks goes to Oliver Villegas, our graphic designers, volunteering to build the website over the last months, as well as Bonnie Fechter who introduced me to Bethany Williams, a young upcoming designer that helped us fill the site with amazing images of the models and gave it the cool look we were aiming for!

Also to be mentioned is The Prince’s Trust whose enterprise training helped me to step into building TIH, aswell as my personal mentors, Charlotte Kirke and Aadil Qureshi.

I thank my family for believing in me and all my friends that have been constant financial and emotional supporters. Judith Preising, Merle Probst, Nadine Rupprecht, Jenny Gerstlauer, Anja Kirpal, Leonie Richter, Tori Sloninka, Merita Forbes, Tommy Rufai, Benita Thambipillai, Elsie Pomier, Jana Plotchinzke, Meteor Liu, Michaela Cox, Molly Ellington, Yvonne Bender, Johannis Birkenstock, Tobias Borinsky, Tobias N├╝tzel, Maisha, Nadja Wagner.

As well people that gave me shelter over the last year, while I haven’t had a place to stay. Nora von Arnim, Merita Forbes, Decio Da Silva, Oliver Villegas, Michaela Cox, Samantha Elizabeth , Marie Harris, Jak Monet, Isaac Zhou.

T|H would not exist without all these people involved, thats why I share it. It gives an example of how and why we need each other. As an individual, but also as a company. Noone can accomplish anything themselves or alone. We are ment to be and work together for good. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it also has a big reward full of beautiful surprises along the way.

So stay updated, spread the word and be excited about what’s ahead. This page will be about the models, their stories, interviews, upcoming events, anything exciting and related to organic and fairtrade fashion, health, music and streetstyle, art in London, socialy engaged organisations and many more!

Feel free to contact, if you have any content you’d like to be published.


love, Tati