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Being a very young Charity, TIH Models is in need of financial support, by people that believe in it and the future that is ahead of us in relation to sustainability and social responsibility. We are very excited how far the agency came in the last year and aim to move in the same pace. Not rushed, but also not hindered by finances. As a team we have to leave a big Thank You here for everybody that has been involved already.

TIH Models Bank Information

TIH Models

IBAN: BG97 BUKB 2070 1523 5533 02


Sort Code: 20-45-45

Account Number: 7315 3363



The second way you can help us carry on with this project is to come along as a volunteer. Whatever gift you have, I am sure we can find a good use of it 🙂 Even, if you are untrained, have the courage to come along and gain some skills. From helping out at shoots to office work or modelcasts. There are so many areas that are constantly developing.

It that you? We would love to hear from you. Just message us on  []