T|H Models

There is hope

There are 8,000 people sleeping rough on the streets of London every year, many of whom wanting to find work.


But THERE IS HOPE T|H Models is a niche modelling agency exclusively featuring individuals currently or transitioning out of sleeping rough on the streets of London. We focus on highlighting the beauty of homeless citizens and encouraging self-love and empowerment, ultimately challenging the fashion industry to embrace the individuality of all people.

We believe that needs of the homeless community extend beyond food, money and shelter to build community, restore trust and give love. We believe that the fashion industry can enrich the quality of models’ lives without compromising the quality of work. We believe, through collaboration between other industry professionals, we can revolutionize the perception of society’s forgotten people.


We believe There Is Hope.


Jessy Raso


Sofia Farnesi



Founder / Photographer

Tatjana I. Hoffmann