‘Let me breathe’ is a series of work by Nadine Shaban exploring an anticipatory state before an
object or being comes alive; the point when it is still in pieces or concealed. It is also about feeling
suffocated, overwhelmed and an inability to feel free.
Construction, deconstruction and transformation are fundamental elements of the artist’s process.
Shaban is interested in the moments when the work is in transition from one state to another. If an
end appears then there is instant dissatisfaction and the work will often come apart and become
something else.
For many years the work has provided a hiding place for the artist and the physical and visual

material acts as a mask to explore, release and express inner emotions. As the work is often self-
referential the artist’s relationship with her practice and the nature of the work shifts in reaction to

experiences and changes in her life. The materials and medium can change due to what feels
necessary at the time.
Nadine graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2016 and currently lives and works in London.
Shaban had her first solo show ‘Polyvinyl Landscape’ in 2015 and has worked on collaborations
with performance, sound and fashion. In September 2017 Shaban exhibited an installation as part
of Milan Fashion Week.
For the event at Axel Arigato Nadine is very pleased to be teaming up with TIH Models. T|H Models
is a niche modelling agency focused on showcasing the beauty of homeless citizens, exclusively
featuring individuals sleeping rough on the streets of London as their models.